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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112513805212614082654825125*John MurphySJ Blues2017/20181st Grade1 1Phoenix
211713720812614082703705117Glenn TunstallSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade4 1Piara Waters
311415056612614082696380114Ian R WoodSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade4 1Bicton Attadale
410980709412614082716805109*Aaron J ButlerSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C9 1Maddington
510413805212614082654874104John MurphySJ Blues2017/20181st Grade6 1Leeming Spartan
691458401261408265482891Kane HoskinSJ Blues2017/20181st Grade2 1Armadale
790791681261408269638490Steven PaiceSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade5 2Cockburn
881791681261408269638881Steven PaiceSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade8 1Bicton Attadale
9781139201261408271679278*David BabichSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C6 1Kwinana
10781372081261408270372378Glenn TunstallSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade9 1Perth Tamil
11729481171261408269637272Kim MasonSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade2 1Armadale
12681132721261408270372368Neil A BartlettSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade9 1Perth Tamil
136415650691261408270370964William EvansSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade5 1Maddington
14642586381261408269641864Liam P DavidsonSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade6 1Leeming Spartan
15571132721261408270370957Neil A BartlettSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade5 1Maddington
1656458401261408265484056Kane HoskinSJ Blues2017/20181st Grade5 1Cockburn
1754530831261408265483654Damian LeipoldSJ Blues2017/20181st Grade4 1Bicton Attadale
18548070941261408271679454*Aaron J ButlerSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C7 1CBC
195415708361261408270370554Jamie GleesonSJ Blues2017/20186th Grade4 1Piara Waters
20521138521261408269642252*Brad ChalmersSJ Blues2017/20183rd Grade7 1CBC
215212514271261408271678852Yashwant S BassaranSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C5 1Maddington
22521139471261408271677052*Aaron AtwellSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C1 1Armadale
235115650691261408271677651William EvansSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C2 1Kardinya Lakes
24511139201261408271678851David BabichSJ Blues2017/2018One Day C5 1Maddington
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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