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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110060646414814082875081100*Jordan ArmstrongSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade6 1Leeming Spartan
293871231481408291657493Alan J CheesemanSJ Blues2018/20193rd Grade4 2Phoenix
3816064641481408287506481*Jordan ArmstrongSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade2 1Bicton Attadale
4791505661481408287507079*Ian R WoodSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade3 1Cockburn
5741380521481408287507574John MurphySJ Blues2018/20191st Grade5 1Bicton Attadale
6731139331481408287507573Dean FulfordSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade5 1Bicton Attadale
7727164961481408298573172*Steve MathewsSJ Blues2018/20196th Grade4 2Cockburn
8666942181481408301690166Zaine AtwellSJ Blues2018/2019One Day C9 1Bicton Attadale
96516540711481408298573765Wayne DaviesSJ Blues2018/20196th Grade6 1Cannington Tigers
10647164961481408298573364Steve MathewsSJ Blues2018/20196th Grade5 1Phoenix
1161277311481408301687561Matthew WoodSJ Blues2018/2019One Day C3 1East Fremantle
12567164961481408291658656*Steve MathewsSJ Blues2018/20193rd Grade7 1Cockburn
13541139411481408291657354Matthew HillyardSJ Blues2018/20193rd Grade3 2Cockburn
1451871231481408287508451Alan J CheesemanSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade7 1Cockburn
1551791681481408291657451Steven PaiceSJ Blues2018/20193rd Grade4 1Phoenix
16516064641481408287507051Jordan ArmstrongSJ Blues2018/20191st Grade3 1Cockburn
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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